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Virus Removal

Have a virus? Tech Heads PC and Mac repair service is the most comprehensive Windows and Apple device cleanup and optimization service on the market.

This service includes all of the following services in one convenient package.

What’s included:

Tech Heads removes all viruses (this includes trojans, worms, and rootkits). We will also install the best anti-virus software on the market for no charge with a free permanent subscription. Our service will also remove all malware which includes spyware, adware, keyloggers, and anything else that should not be on your computer.

Operating System Cleanup

After time, your computer will not work as fast or efficiently as it originally did. This can be caused by operating system errors which develop over time due to a number of reasons. Our service will clean your operating system by checking and removing any invalid registry entries and verifying all digital file signatures. All operating system updates will also be installed along with any third-party software updates you desire.

Hardware and Software Diagnostics

Tech Heads will diagnose and explain any problems facing your PC with our diagnostic service. This service tests all of the hardware and software on your computer.