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Tech Heads Home Network Setup or Reconfiguration

Tech Heads simplifies your home network. All Tech Heads networking solutions are designed with performance in mind while implementing stringent security protocols.

What is included in Tech Heads home network solution?

  • Simple and secure file sharing
  • Printing without wires
  • Access the Internet safely and securely
  • Ability to connect to Wi‑Fi from any device
  • Ability to go the wired route if you desire

Tech Heads Networking Solutions

Tech Heads network solutions are available for both home and business. Whether you need a simple home network installed with the latest security or a more complex solution in a business environment, Tech Heads has the right solution for you.

Home networking solutions are listed below. For business networking solutions, please email or call Tech Heads at 317.809.8912 for a custom-tailored solution for any type of business.

Advanced Networking

Enjoy wireless freedom and share files between all devices in your house when you set up wireless network connectivity for your PC or Mac and computer peripherals with our advanced wireless networking service. Tech Heads will configure your wireless router and network connection with your ISP, enable wireless encryption and network all computers and devices. Enjoy the freedom of sharing files between all your computers and devices.

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